Landscape and hierarchies, 2022

Landscape and Hierarchies explores the responsibility that lies between the individual and the collective and the ripple effects human actions have on society and nature. Curated by Elsa Mora, the exhibition was produced specifically for ArtYard and includes monumental watercolors, sculptures, and multimedia installations.

For Landscape and Hierarchies, Arrechea draws inspiration from sports for his continued investigation into the power dynamics and structures of our everyday lives. Arrechea presents objects commonplace to baseball stadiums and playgrounds juxtaposed in surprising ways with natural elements such as glass trees, river water, and morning dew. His work transforms ephemeral moments like swinging and sketching into monumental acts, amplifying the importance of small actions. In addition, the artist offers multiple viewpoints into his creative process, blurring the distinction between what is personal and public while exploring the nature of truth.