Balmain relied on LITO proprietary high-rendering technology to bring Alexandre Arrechea’s vision to life in a multi-dimensional art experience, presented during Miami Art Week 2022. Villa Balmain was constructed on the Italian island of Elba, in the late 1950s, by the Italian architect Leonardo Ricci. When the Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea was approached to reinterpret Pierre Balmain’s unique legacy, he envisioned a futuristic, sculptural take on the founder’s place of peace, inspired by the structural modernity of the Villa and the natural beauty of the gardens surrounding it. Under Arrechea’s vision, nature reclaims its power on the villa through an impressive gold ring-shaped honeycomb, fostering bees who pollenate precious gems from the surrounding gardens in a nod to sparkling signatures from both Monsieur Balmain and Rousteing era designs… Balmain presented ‘Hexagon Garden’ through an immersive VR experience at Superblue during Miami Art Week. Powered by LITO Hi-Rnd© Technology Music by Ali Alvarez