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February 24th – April 24th, 2021

Curated by Chief Curator Gabriela Urtiaga

Hand-in-hand with renowned artists, today we celebrate and honor African heritage and its influence in Latin American countries and the rich culture that resulted from that union.

Through a selection of artworks and artistic perspectives that have a poetic and political narrative at the same time, we present an open conversation through art, around important themes like race, power, and heritage, revisiting the fight for identity in communities of African descent.

This transnationalism in the Americas has been silenced for centuries and has been violently interrupted by a System of Power that excludes the Other.

From a perspective of diversity, a journey through history, and an endless experience marked in bodies by stories and experiences, we research the representation and questions generated through an artistic practice committed to its past, present, and future.

Together with artists like Victoria Santa Cruz (Peru, 1922-2014), Alexandre Arrechea (Cuba, 1970), Patricia Encarnación (Dominican Republic, 1991), Carlos Martiel (Cuba, 1989), and Liliana Angulo Cortés (Colombia, 1974) we immerse ourselves in individual stories as well as from a collective experience, with clear social, political, and cultural references that explore in depth the struggles, suffering, and hope for a better present and future.